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Do any of these job search frustrations sound familiar?

Job search frustrations can be a real roller coaster. 

1. If I go over the internet and put my resume, there are plenty of all 
sorts of recruiters making phone calls to me requesting to see if I am 
ready to perform using some narrow skill they are looking for.

2. I am mainly looking for opportunities that will transition me from the current technical role into leadership or management role, but I get calls that are mainly interested on one of my technical skills and how I can perform on their projects using the skill.

3. My biggest frustration in the job search is companies not willing to inform you if they have filled the position with another candidate. A quick e-mail telling me that they have gone with another candidate would be very helpful. Many companies will never inform you that the position has been filled.

4.  Postings for positions that don’t actually exist (some companies do this bi-annually to keep a stock pile of resumes)

5.  Having to continuously enter the same information in applicant tracking systems

6. New recruiters who don’t know the industry they are working in (“Do you have any healthcare experience?” Did you even read my resume??)

7.  Not knowing the salary range of a position ahead of time, which makes it impossible to tell whether a position is worth applying for

8.  Jobs that suddenly disappear due to budget freezes, executives going on vacation and/or a million other things that have nothing to do with the job

9.  Inappropriate aptitude testing not applicable to the position

10. Extremely long wait times in between interview stages

11. Ageism/sexism/etc (ex: most people look at me and assume that I’m going to take off and have a baby as soon as I get hired)

12  Salary inequality due to the previous bullet

13. “Purple cow” job descriptions which do not match the salary offered

14.  Salary low balling in general

15.  The everyday emotional roller coaster that wrecks havoc on your self-esteem


Why don’t they reply? What is going on in there? What can I do instead?


 To avoid these frustrations, put online applications where they belong, in the bottom 20% of your time on job search.  

Instead, join us for Free Open Office Hours Wednesdays at 11:30 am PST or Fridays at 8:30 am PST.

Which is better? Using a recruiter or applying online?

How to Fail at Job Search

updated 4/18/17


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