I Am NOT The Fairy Job Mother

But, oh, how I wish I were!

no such thing as a fairy job mother


I get emails and resumes, requests for connections and phone calls every day from smart, unique, creative people with excellent skills.  And I don’t have a job for them. 

Why?  Because a recruiter is not a fairy job mother and we don’t “have jobs”.  We have searches.  Contingency recruiters are willing to work for free and shop around the best of the resumes that come to them in the hopes that there will be a big payoff eventually.  Retained recruiters only work on the searches their contracted clients want them to work on.  Both have to choose to use their time wisely because, in truth, only 5% of all jobs are filled by recruiters.

Job seekers want a job, a good job that suits their talents and expertise.  You will try anything if you are faced with unemployment.  But frequently not until you are faced with it.  The truth is that 75% of jobs are filled by personal networking.  And by that I mean who knows what you do and remembers before they hire someone else. 

I offer 2 kinds of “scientific and executive search services”.  One is retained, a la carte, recruiting for bioscience companies.  The other is job search strategy training and coaching.  I can teach you how to do targeted networking that keeps you from spinning your wheels or getting stuck.  But I can’t just wave a magic wand and grant you a job, no matter how hard I try!

If you are bioscience professional and want to manage and create your own career, never waiting for the job fairy, sign up for this blog (see the pop-up), get on the newsletter list, follow me on YouTube and Facebook, register for the free weekly workshops.  Or call to discuss personal coaching for your career.

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