How to Network at an Event

How to network at an event!

Don’t: try to get every business card in the room or give your to everyone there

Do this instead:

Choose 5-10 people to talk with whom you don’t currently know.  Use the attendee sheet if there is one or get there early and look over the name tags.

Spend at least 5 minutes with each one.  If this is a dinner or presentation, you may not have quite enough time.  But don’t do hit-and-run business card exchange.  Very disappointing.

Take notes on the back of their business card.  Find out what you can give them. Link? Introduction? A coffee date? What are they curious about?

Follow up within 24 hours with the link, intro, time and place to talk over coffee.  If you know what they are working on, look it up for a link or two.  Ask a good, geeky question.

At NO point beg for a job.  This is not an interview, even if you are networking with someone at a company where you would like to work.

Get your questions answered here: Complimentary Open Office Hours

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