How to find a job

What is the best way to find a job?

You know the answer – networking.  Another way to look at it is that finding a job is a sales and marketing job.  If you have never had a sales job, and even if you have had, it can be difficult to look at your career as a product to be sold.  We all become 17 again – certain that there are a million of us wanting the same job with exactly the same set of (minimal) skills.  But no, you are unique – your skills and experiences are uniquely your own and the job is to find the company that needs exactly those skills.  So this becomes a treasure hunt.  And you need to ask for help.

Networking is when you give something that doesn’t cost you too much to someone who values it and he/she does the same.  Each networking session is one where you need to give, not beg.  And you need to give enough (the rule of thumb is 4 times before you ask for something) that the person you are interacting with wants to give you something in return.

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