How Did You Get Your Last Job?

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Only 20% (at the most, quite possibly closer to 10%) of jobs are filled through postings on job sites or company websites.

And … HR really doesn’t have the time to sort through all the resumes of people who just want a job, any job.  Please do NOT send your resume to a company just because you want to work there when you don’t have the right skills for the job they have posted.  There simply is not enough time in the day for an HR person to really read resumes and put yours aside for a role that has yet not opened.

More than 50% of jobs (and perhaps as much as 85%) are filled through a direct connection with someone in the company that eventually hires you.  Employee referrals and offline (face to face) networking fill at least 45%. These are sometimes called “hidden” jobs.  That means that they simply have not been posted.

So where does that leave you? 

You have to be the one to initiate the contacts.  And you need to be strategic about it.

Also … just like you can’t eat an elephant in one bite, so you need to divide up and prioritize your search in a way that makes sense for you to be hired for the position you want.

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