Winter Holiday Networking

The Holidays are coming quickly.

Holiday parties

Even if you are hip deep in a job search you will probably take time off for the big meals and parties that come every year at this time.

How can you “leverage” those events for your job search?

A couple of DON’Ts:
Don’t take your generic resume with you to the events.
Don’t spam the people there with your 30 second “elevator speech”.
Don’t expect anyone to hire you at the event.

Do plan what you will say when someone you don’t know well asks you what you do. It is perhaps the most common question. Practice something like: “I help (this kind of company) do/make/discover/(whatever your key action verb is) (whatever your key noun is/drugs/medical devices/etc.). What do you do?”

Focus on the other person and if it seems that they really might know someone in your niche, be sure to get their contact information for later. But mostly find out if the two of you have something in common, even if it is just your host.

For your relatives and close friends, stress that you have a plan and are working it. You can ask them if they know anyone who works at up to three of your preferred companies if you don’t have a connection there. Don’t expect them to really understand what you do and watch out for the eyes glazing over and stop if they do!!

If you are at a holiday business party for an organization you belong to, see that paragraph above. If you are at your current company’s holiday party and if you are careful, you can ask if they know people at certain companies.

Don’t try to do in-depth networking at a party.

Do talk to the person who is not talking with anyone else, be kind!

Have a wonderful time!

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