Will you meet your next boss at a holiday party?

holiday networking

A Snowy Day


The season of holiday parties has begun. Will you meet your next boss at your partner’s company’s holiday party? At your neighbor’s cookie exchange? What are the chances?

You have to be there anyway, so why not lay the groundwork for a new career networking buddy?

But what does that actually mean? You don’t want to seem desperate and needy. Nor do you want to be a “used car salesman” – aggressive and pushy. So what do you do?

Targeted Networking at Holiday Parties

Because you are smart and know what you want to do next AND you know which companies meet your criteria, you can ask people if they know anyone at X or Y or Z companies. Are they at the party? Could the person you are talking with introduce you?

But be aware that if they do you that favor, you have to return it! Whom do they want to be introduced to? What do you know that they want to know?

NO elevator speeches

NO elevator speeches – you don’t want to listen to them, what makes you think anyone else wants to listen to yours? Be interested in what the other person has to say, what they think about, what they do. Build a connection that you can come back to – don’t burn bridges!!

What parties are on your schedule?

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