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Guest Blogger
Sandy Sanderson


Ever heard the phrase: Born to play the piano”-”They are a natural”-“They are a prodigy”-“They have passion”?


At the heart of what they are saying is an interesting analysis and understanding that can have a substantial impact on your career development.

10,000 reps:

In many sports and activities the current thinking is that if you repeat the process enough times you will become competent and advance your skills and capabilities. In recent studies repetition seems to be only a part of mastering a skill or improving your capabilities. Studies have found that for musicians, only 30% of the variance in their rankings as performers could be accounted for by how much time they spent practicing. For chess players,practice only accounted for only 34% of what determined the rank of a master. So what makes up the other 70%?

Genome = Passion:

Recent genetic and genome studies relating to intelligence indicates your genetic makeup controls a substantial portion of the remaining 70%.The studies indicate, “Everyone can not be a genius in everything,” But “every person has the potential for genius and passion to excel in life.”In the movie ‘City Slicker’ Jack Palance tells Bill Cristal the true secret of life is “Passion”. Passion is what makes us special. It is acknowledged that our passions are largely what determine how much work we’re willing to put into life.In job interviews where two candidates have equal skills and experience it is the candidate that demonstrates a passion for the position that is selected.

Do what you are Passionate about:

In career coaching the first thing to understand is not your experience but what you are passionate about and finding your career ‘sweet spot’. This will give you specific examples to draw on as you describe why you are right for the job.You can reinforce that by identifying examples of how your passion is demonstrated in your experience and potential for the position. Identifying your passions where you feel energized and engaged will be a source of energy. In the interview, you can say, “Not only do I have the skills for the job, but I was made to do this job! Let me tell you why.” Understanding your passions leads to understanding your goals, which leads to winning the job that you are qualified and passionate about.

Executive Career Coaching: Meridian Resources has developed a career-coaching program to help you find the job you are passionate about.Our four-part program begins with a review and analysis and finishes with supporting you in winning the interview.Take a look at our website to see our coaching programs and how we can help you achieve your career goals and secure a new position.

Sandy Sanderson,
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