How to get a CRA job, when you don’t have the experience called for

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Are you looking for a job that seems to be just one step ahead of you?

Wondering how to get a CRA job that requires experience you don’t yet have?

Ask yourself who has the information you need.

Who knows how to do it?  Well, it would be the people who have gotten that job!  So check them out on LinkedIn by looking up the job title you want and reviewing the people who currently have it.  What did they do before they had this job?  Check out that job on and look at the job description.  Could you do that one?  Do you have what they are asking for?  If so, harvest the keywords and use them in your profiles and applications.  If not, go back to LinkedIn and look at people who hold the job title you found in Indeed and see what they did before that.  “Rinse and repeat”.

Don’t lie to yourself about your skill set.

What skills do you actually have? What are they called in the industry you hope to join.  Do you really “own” them?  These are YOUR keywords.  Use them where ever you can.

Go after a job that uses your skills.

Go after a job that can lead you, through promotion or simply experience, to the job you really want.  There are plenty of jobs out there.  Your aim is what will determine what you can do!

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