Products, Programs and Services for Senior Bioscience Professionals

Senior Bioscience Professionals


Package: Professional and Sr. Bioscience Executive Job Search Coaching

Connie On Call

Job search coaching by the hour

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile for you

30 minute Individual Coaching On Bioscience Job Search

Develop a list of your skills, expertise & keywords 

Develop a List of Your Companies Done for You

Develop a criteria list for your companies

Podcasts Replays Open Office Hours

Recorded Webinar: Using LinkedIn to find the companies and people you need in your career

Recorded Webinar: Ask a Bioscience Recruiter YOUR Job Search Questions

Resumes Interviews and Follow up Podcast

Podcast: Targeted Networking: can it get me a job? 

Bioscience Job Search Tools Podcast

How Targeted Networking Will Get You a Job

Keywords Profiles and Resumes – webcast

Podcast: Business Networking

Podcast: Who Has My Job? and where can I find it?

Get a Quick Review of Your LinkedIn Profile Today!

Get Your Packet of Bioscience Job Search Tools Here 

Job and Company Criteria – what do you really want?

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