Are You an Experienced Bioscience Pro?

Senior Bioscience Pro

Craig Venter

Are you an experienced bioscience pro but wonder about job search in this economy?

You have seen the industry grow from 3 PhDs with 9 papers in something obscure to the thriving industries we have today.

It used to be that you knew everyone you needed to know and getting a job was as easy as calling up one of your old college friends to see what they were up to.

Now many have retired or you are concerned that the companies you want most might not want all of your experience.

It still is all about networking.  The best way to find a new job still is to be known by the people in the companies you would like to work in.  Networking fills 75% of all jobs. Job postings fill only 20% and those are not really high level jobs. And recruiters get only what is left.  Networking also gives you the edge over people who don’t have good “dragon-slaying stories” to tell.  You have plenty!

There is lots of information in the blogs.  I’ll link the ones that are most pertinent here:

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updated 4/21/17

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