Would YOU Send This Email Introduction to Someone You had NEVER Met?


I participate in LinkedIn’s “email introduction” method. Do you? 

HOWEVER!  Don’t do what this person did!!!  Not only has he trashed his own reputation/brand, he has trashed mine!  Not only is the grammar bad, but the audacity of the demand is outrageous! An email introduction needs to be polite and interesting!

“I am urgently looking for job opportunity.
I am having more then 23 years of experience in Sales and Business Development.
Kindly inform further for any suitable position. I am willing to relocate.” 

(This was the entire email, not taken out of context, that I received yesterday as a CC.)

As a recruiter, I only work on a few searches at any one time. 

That means that it is unlikely that I have your job when you are looking for it.  But I do feel for the people who are looking. So I provide guidance and instruction on job search strategy.

This is a marriage proposal before the person even knows if they like you! 

No one has a warehouse of jobs waiting for you to ask for one.  It just doesn’t work that way.  And for a Sales person to do this (OMG!!!) – proof that they are NOT very good. 

The emails you send through introductions MUST be polite, deferential, interesting and prove that the person introducing you has the final reader’s best interest at heart. 

We are all extremely busy.  Opening an email from someone we don’t know is an act of kindness and curiosity.  If you are not polite and interesting, you will only annoy the recipient of your email.

I have disconnected from this person, because, no matter how generous I feel or how badly he needs a job, he will only wreck my reputation!  And I’ve apologized to the person I had introduced him to. 

If you need help with writing these email introductions drop me an email


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