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Tools for your Bioscience Job Search

How to use this chart:

  • Find your skill/experience level from the first row,
  • From the first column choose which step you feel you are at,
  • Click on the items in the block that identify where you feel you need help,
  • Resources with an * indicate a download/product or service you can purchase to help you with the step.

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Senior Professionals Mid Career Professionals New to the Industry
Getting Started
Your Skills, Expertise and Keywords
  • What do you bring to the table?
  • What do you want to do?
  • How will you find your niche?
  • Do you have dragon-slaying stories?
All About Your Industry, Niche and Segment
  • How to choose from a plethora of great companies
  • How to define your company criteria
  • Who to spend your time networking with
  • Or consider consulting – what does that take?
  • Which companies need you?
  • Which are your preferred companies?
  • Who do you already know who works there?
  • Who should you know?
  • Who should know you?
  • Which companies need what you offer?
  • Which companies have what you want to do?
  • Who works there?
  • Do you know anyone there?
  • How to go about refreshing your network
  • What you need to get from your networking
  • What you need to give to your network
  • Keeping it bright and shiny
  • Speaking and presenting
  • Why networking is so important
  • How to fit networking and follow up around your full time job
  • Using conferences, LinkedIn, and other tools to expand your network
  • How to network and follow up
  • Networking with strangers
  • Networking without begging
  • Where and when to network
  • How to follow up
  • When to follow up
  • What to say in your follow ups
Get the Job
  • Bringing your expertise to the right person without scaring him
  • What should be in your resume and what should NOT
  • When to write your resume
  • The difference between interviewing for a full time job and interviewing for a consulting gig
  • What NOT to include in your resume
  • Your first and last questions
  • Consultive interviewing
  • Kinds of interviews
  • Interview prep
  • When to write your resume and what to include
  • What interviews are really all about
  • Kinds of interviews
  • Interview prep
  • First and last questions
Over All
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