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Are you committing these mistakes?

Are they keeping you from getting hired?


1.       Waiting for the job fairy
2.       Not knowing what you are “selling”
3.       Being confused about what you want next
4.       Being unaware of what you need in a company
5.       Not knowing which companies meet your criteria
6.       Not having a “network friend” inside each possible company
7.       Not knowing if that company is really right for you
8.       Not knowing which department you want to work in
9.       Not networking with someone in that department to discover what problem they are trying to solve.
10.     Not following up

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  1. Jim Barkley says:

    And I need to spell check better!

  2. Jim Barkley says:

    I have recently returned to looking for contact and a way to help in the wine business. A chance finding of a financial analyst position with one of the most prestigious wineries in Sonoma County opened my eyes. And all the old fun came flooding in. All sorts fo questions started forming my head. May people think Accounting and Financial Analysis are the same. Nope, Accounting was difficult education. Financial Analysis can be like swimming with the current. I just have to find that needle in the haystack. That hiring manager who is at least willing to test what I know software wise and not assume a complete loss if knowledge due to the passage of time.

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