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Social Network concept in 3d

How can recruiters and hiring managers get in touch with you? You might want to have an email address just for your job search.  I recommend a gmail account.

It is your “loose connections” or your distant ones that will be most likely to have your next job for you.  Don’t network with recruiters – we will find you if we have a job you seem to fit, but do network with people at the companies you want to work in.  Maintain your connections, say “Happy Birthday” or Congratulations on work anniversary, promotion or new job!  And keep adding to the network.  Your limit is 30,000!

Here is what you have to do on LinkedIn to allow recruiters and hiring managers to email you directly.

Go to your picture in the upper right hand corner (in the black bar)

Hover and click on Settings and Privacy

Go to the Privacy Tab

Click on “Who can see your email address”

And change it to Everyone or at least 1st and 2nd-degree connections 

If you don’t want the emails from anyone, change it to Only you

But why do that?  What are you on LinkedIn for? 


Who can see on your profile?

  • Only you
  • 1st-degree connections
  • 1st and 2nd-degree connections
  • Everyone on LinkedIn

You can control what email address is your primary in your purchase generic accutaneand purchase accutane (isotretinoin) about how your email address is visible to other members on LinkedIn.

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Why do you need to know what “your keywords” are?  Do you know them?

Have you taken the time to build the “treasure chest” of your keywords for your Profiles and resumes?  For your conversations and networking meetings?

This is the first step, before you apply for a job.

What are you proud of?  Which of your accomplishments are you most proud of?  What are the words that describe them?  How can you show what you did?


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LinkedIn keeps “refining” their website.  

Here is a look at LinkedIn’s latest changes and what the job seeker needs to know.

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No one can hire you if they don’t know you exist!! So be visible!!!

Once upon a time, you could get a good job by walking into the company and asking the receptionist for an application.  She probably knew your father or at least her boss did. You were visible to your neighbors and your parents’ friends.

Now we live in a world where you don’t know everyone and everyone does not know you.  So you have to do a few things to be visible.  And I don’t mean pink hair (although that will not stop you in most jobs any more).

So fill out your LinkedIn Profile!  Get a checklist for doing so where can i buy accutane online yahoo

And look for other places on the internet where you have some unused property: G+, Twitter, your trade associations, like RAPS or others.  Are you presenting yourself in a professional and attractive (to hiring managers) way.

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Are you managing your career?  Or is it managing you?


Many people simply “fall” into their jobs.  Is that you?  Or did you spend quite a bit of time and effort learning your trade?  Why stop there?  Learn to manage your career as well – it is not as hard as what you have already learned.

The steps are simple:

Know what you want to do next

Know what you need in your next company

Know which companies offer that

Know who works there

Be known by the people in the companies you want to work in

Know what each company needs next

Follow up!

THEN write your resume

These things take time and you need to start before a job posting hits the internet.  You want to get one of the jobs that are filled at the “Who do we know?” level.

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How to use 4 different kinds of documents to introduce yourself

Most people start a job search with writing resumes.  But that is the last step before the interview!

Better is to update your LinkedIn and other Profiles, then update your CV, then skip a generic resume, then write the specific resume for the companies you have researched.

You also need more casual ways to introduce yourself.

And you need to know which words to use in each of these.

What words describe and show what you can and want to do next? Do you have a list with all the synonyms?  Is it sorted by Want to Use In My Next Job to Never Want to Use Again? Don’t use the “never” words if you can help it.

Use them to write your casual stories and your dragon-slaying tales.  Use them in your Profiles and CV.

Then do the research on the companies you want to work in.  What words do they use to talk about the problems they are working on.  Do you own these words too?

If all you have is a position description and have not spoken with someone currently working on the problem they need to hire to solve, then use the words in the position description – it may help you get through the “black hole” of the applicant tracking system.

When you have notes from the conversations you have had with the person working on that company’s current problem, you have the keywords for your resume for that particular job.  You will be in front of the rest of the applicants because you “speak the same language” as the hiring manager.

4 kinds of introductory documents:

  • Profiles (LinkedIn and Associations)
  • CV
  • Generic resume
  • Specific resume for a specific company

You can get by with just the first and last and really, truly, don’t waste your time polishing up the generic one.

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Do you have an interview suit?  It doesn’t do much good hanging in your closet.

A LinkedIn Profile is like your interview suit – it shows what you want a potential employer to see about you.  It is (or should be) much more comprehensive than a resume (an ad for an interview about how you can solve that hiring manager’s problem).  And it needs to be filled with the words that convey your abilities, expertise, skills, etc.  In real English language sentences that talk about the problem you were hired to solve, what you did and the consequences of your actions.

These treasure words need to be in your headline as well – not merely the last title some company gave you.  But the answer to the question, “Who is Your Name?”  Ah, yes, she is the one who…….

Your profile needs to be updated every year, even if you are not looking for a job this year.  But it is now 2018.  Do you want your current job forever?

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Long webinar (about an hr.) on the steps before resume

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First steps in your job search and why you need to do these before you write your resume!

Be visible online – show your best and most interesting accomplishments (necessary but not sufficient)

Be known – but only to the people in the companies you are interested in (so know what your criteria are and which companies meet them.  Then network to gain information before you write a resume)

Be remembered, liked and trusted (these are done through appropriate follow up)

Write a resume using the information you gained from your conversations with the people in that particular company.  If you have not gotten that information, you are basically asking the interviewer to figure out (based on your skills) where you would fit into his organization.  He doesn’t have the time for that – he is hiring to solve a problem.  Can you do that?  Can he trust you to solve it?


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Your LinkedIn Profile

How to build and develop your LinkedIn profile

How to build and develop your LinkedIn Profile.  It is necessary that you be visible online.  LinkedIn is the premier professional site, but you probably have others – trade associations, G+, etc.  Post there as well!

The job seeker’s tasks are:

To be visible online, known to the people in the companies you want to work for, remembered before they hire someone else, liked and trusted to solve their problem.

The podcast is above but if you would like to see the webcast, buy accutane us

For more help, check out the products and programs offered in the menu or email me at accutane buy online usa

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Before you start your job search

Jump start your job search

Your job search doesn’t need to be long, depressing and unproductive.

The secret to starting a fast, productive job search is to know exactly what you have to offer and how to tell people about it.

Knowing all of your skills and which ones you want to use in your next job will allow you to skip the unproductive parts of a search and move directly to the jobs you want.

Being able to talk about your skills in a concise and interesting way will allow people to know what you do and figure out if they need your skills to solve their problem. Or if they know someone who does.

Don’t be at a loss for words! Work on it ahead of time so you know which nouns and adjectives are the most appropriate.

Don’t expect that everyone can read your mind or knows what it is you do. Be able to tell them without boring them or talking from the 30000 foot view. You want them to see and hear your interest in what you do, but you don’t want to expect them to share your passion for it.

More tools

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