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finding a job is a job

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The format of a resume is really a marketing technique.  You want it to be clear and legible, to lead the eye to the most striking thing about how you fit the bill, but don’t make it hard to read your name and contact info.  Don’t put these in the Header.  You can put name and contact info in the footer of the 2nd page.  Also, don’t make the hiring manager attack a “wall of text”.  Make it easy to read.  There are many, many resume formats available online.  There are even infographic ones.  But bear in mind that a resume is not a piece of art.  It is a practical business document.

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  • Your name (and degree if appropriate – PhD, MD, SPHR, etc.)  
  • Your location (you don’t really need a street address at this point)
  • Contact information – phone number (mobile is fine if you answer it professionally) and email (also professional, not silly or flirty)
  • Then 3 – 5 bullet points of how you can solve that hiring manager’s problem, using his language and jargon and keywords.  Only list the things you “own” and like to do – there is no point in advertising for a job you don’t want.  If you feel the need to title this, call it “Summary”.
  • Then reverse chronological order (latest one at the top, oldest at the bottom) of the jobs you have done with their buy cheap accutane uk
  • Put your education at the bottom. 

You don’t need to list more than 10 years of job history unless this hiring manager’s problem was one you totally slayed more than 10 years ago and the skills have not decayed.  You don’t need to list jobs of less than a year, but be prepared to explain the time gaps, or list them and the problem that you learned from. 

You get 2 pages only. 

And 6 seconds on the top half of the first page to grab the hiring manager’s interest. 

A resume is a summary, a sketch, not your curriculum vitae or your whole life on two pieces of paper. 

Some HR people say that the format should be different if you are applying online and through the Applicant Tracking System.

In this case you want:

  • Name and degree
  • Location
  • Contact info
  • The requirements that you own (this may be your education) that are listed in the job posting.
  • Skills (software programs, tools, etc.) relevant to the job
  • Then the reverse chronological order of the jobs you have done. 

This makes it easier for the computer or the HR person to eliminate those who don’t have the skills required.  Always use the keywords you found in the job posting.  Neither the computer nor the HR person is an expert in your field and will not recognize synonyms. 

Remember that a resume is designed to get you the first interview, not the job.  It will be used as a notepad for the interviewer, so give them the white space to write the answers to the questions they will ask.  And the interviewer will probably be older than 40 so use at least a 12 point typeface.

Don’t include:

  • A picture (that goes on your LinkedIn Profile)
  • Your marital status or how many children you have
  • Your nationality, gender or sexual preference
  • Your age

Resumes that include these things will be trashed before you even get an interview as you could take legal action if you don’t get the job, saying it was based on these protected classes.

Also, don’t include:

  • “You can get all you need on my online profile”.  Don’t make it hard on the interviewer!
  • Your hobbies and extracurricular activities – they really only want to know that you can solve their problem, unless you know for a fact that the hiring manager does it too.

Do include:

  • Languages you speak professionally
  • The fact that you are authorized to work in the US (green card) if you are, or your visa status.
  • Your military background, if any

And remember, you are so much more than your resume!

If you need some help with this, buy cheap generic accutane 

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No Fairy Job Mother

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I’ve told this to my kids many times.  

The “catch” is in the fact that you have to know what “it” is and you have to work “smart” as well as “hard”. 

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tools 3My Dad was a woodworker.  He built furniture. My Mom was a homemaker and baker.  Both of them would always get out the tools and materials needed before they started a project. 

Job search, if nothing else, is a project.  It is not simply a wish.  What tools and materials do you gather to accomplish this project?

The materials you will use are your skills, expertise, desires, career goals, etc.  These will always be unique to each person. 

The tools you use will be used over and over again.  Jobs may only last 3-5 years these days, so you will be doing job search projects at least 6 times in your working life.

The most useful tool is your professional network and the means you use to keep track of it and maintain it. 

I use:

I also use the is it illegal to buy accutane online and cards that my sister makes by hand (such art!). 

But these are general tools, useful for many things.

For a job search, you may want specialized tools like buy accutane ireland or buy accutane online ireland.  Although these may be the “mini doughnut maker” or the “120 piece diamond tip carving burr set”, those tools you lust after but never actually use. 

You will also want some lists, checklists and templates.

  • Lists of your skills, the tasks you are competent in and like doing, your expertise, your keywords
  • PAR statements for each problem you have solved
  • Checklists of the process of job search
  • Resume templates
  • Follow up content templates

If you are starting a job search this year, what tools do you already have?  What tools do you need to acquire?  Have you gathered your materials before you start?

Tell me what you prefer!

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best site to buy accutaneHow does anyone get hired? 

First you have to be known.  Resumes are simply one way for the hiring manager to get to know you.  Today there are many, many ways.  Profiles online, face-to-face meetings for coffee, or beer, or golf, or… introductions by mutual friends, online or off.  You have to be known for what you can do for them.  I know lots of people who are not in the bioindustry, so I’m of no use to them for many jobs and I’m not likely to place them in my client companies.  You know many people outside your industry and there are many people you know whose industry you don’t know.  How can you be known by the people in your industry whom you want to know you?

Once known, you need to be remembered when your skills are needed.  Are you following up regularly?  You need to stay top of mind.  And you don’t want to be a stalker or annoying.  How can you help at least four times before you ask for something?

If you have met the right people and are remembered, are you liked enough for the people to want to work with you?  Studies have shown that many hires are made on “gut feelings”, which is to say, did the hiring manager like you.  It is not a good way to hire, but you might as well take it into consideration.  You will not stay employed for long if no one likes you at that company or if you don’t like them.

Trust is needed because you will be taking a part in growing their “baby”.  Whatever project you are hired to work on is the cherished idea of someone in the company.  Are you trustworthy?  Can you see, embrace and forward their vision?  And how can you convey that to the recruiter and hiring team? 

What do you think? 

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where can i buy accutane ukThe “Healthcare Industry” has many parts.  From idea to delivery.

Research into new ideas or reworking of old ones occurs in universities, the NIH, other government agencies, start-up companies and established ones.  The companies can be privately or publicly funded and can be in tools, diagnostics, therapeutics (drugs and devices, implants and capital equipment). Medical and healthcare IT (like the FitBit wearable device) are also in this industry.

Development of those ideas generally moves out of universities and government and into public and privately funded companies.  Development includes clinical trials, testing, and more testing.

Once the technology is proven, marketing and sales have to happen, either to another company or to other parts of the healthcare industry (hospitals, doctors, etc.) Once on the market, the product needs to be transported, warehoused, moved again and delivered.  It needs to be paid for and the efficacy needs to be traced. 

The people involved can be MDs and PhDs or not even have their GED.  But every single one of them is working in the healthcare industry.  And, in my experience, most, at least, are excited about being part of something that helps people.

Which part of this industry are you in?  Is this where you want to be?

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order generic accutaneThere are jobs, careers, passions, vocations, avocations, hobbies.

You’ve heard “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life” (much better than “do what you love and the money will follow – not necessarily true)

But all jobs and careers, even passions and vocations, have things you don’t like.  The best ones are those which have a good balance of great and good and very little “bad”. 

We all have skills we don’t want to use in our work.  We know how to wash glassware, but probably don’t want that to be a large part of what we do all day. 

Once you know what skills you want to use for many hours each week, do you know the kinds of companies that would use them?  Are you passionate about what those companies do? order generic accutane online

For example, if you are passionate about curing cancer or even a particular cancer, your skills could be useful in the companies working on that cancer.  This is true whether your skills are in oncology research, clinical trials or even accounting.  If shopping is your passion, are you skilled in purchasing?  Or what is the kernel of that love?  Can it be used in another venue? 

Most of us are tested in middle school to see if we are “college material” or have another path.  We know nothing of the world then and most of us have not been exposed to enough of it to know what our choices really are.  Even in high school, we tend to think that there are really only a few choices: teacher, doctor, what our parents do.  A tiny slice of the real world.  Eventually, if we are lucky, we bang around in the world enough, have enough “entry-level” jobs, to have a better idea of what excites us.  We can choose to walk toward it or just keep banging around.  We find out what we might be good at as we develop skills that we may or may not enjoy using.  We may feel that we have to work at a job we hate in order to pay the bills and have a tiny bit left over for our true passion – the one we can only afford to do as a hobby. 

This does not have to be true.  You can take what you love and what you can do and combine them.  It does take self-awareness and work. 

First, what do you really love?

Second, what are you good at or could be good at?

What companies are in the arena of what you love?  You may love football, but not be a player.  But all football teams need doctors and accountants, marketers and IT guys.  The companies that work on drugs for the disease that affected your relatives needs scientists of all kinds and skill levels as well as accountants, HR people, IT folks, marketing people, etc.  Can you, will you, take a step toward making your passion part of your job? 

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