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How to get that job in the biosciences: You have been sold a bill of goods about job search! It is not like ordering pizza. It is much more like finding a marriage partner. And while eHarmony and Tindr seem to make it just that easy, you know that face to face is much more likely to allow you to choose what happens next.

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When you fail at job search can be depressing.  Waiting for the Fairy Job Mother doesn’t work and sending your resume to 200 jobs online is a recipe for clinical depression!

Join cheapest place to buy accutane online, of Lee Hecht Harrison and I, is it safe to order accutane online, for a 30 minute best place to order accutane online on how to take control of your job search and not be dependent on the uncontrolled or uncontrollable parts of your job search. 

Most jobs (50-75% of them) never make it to the internet or to a recruiter.  

The chances of making it through the online application process are about 2 in 100.  And recruiters don’t know every job out there or what it is you really want.

So what is a job seeker to do?

  1. Know what you want and what companies are most likely to employ people to do that.
  2. Be known to the people in the departments you want to work in and the hiring managers.
  3. Be Top of Mind (otherwise known as a regular program of follow up!)
  4. Be Liked and Trusted to solve their problem.

Do your homework!  Outsourcing your job search to anyone else will slow down the process, cost you more in time and money and not guarantee a thing!!

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Which is better?  

“Using” a bioscience recruiter or applying to the bioscience job online?

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The recipe for clinical depression in the bioscience world

I was asked this by a bioscience job seeker who had just spent a considerable amount of time “updating” his CV, but did not know which companies he should be applying to.

Read this blog and you will find that I teach something completely different:

Job boards and “career pages” fill 20% of the jobs out there, but your personal chances of getting even a phone screen are down around 2%. That is a recipe for clinical depression!

Recruiters work for the companies, so if they don’t have the job you are qualified for, they don’t have a job for you and trying to get our attention will really only irritate us and, therefore, you.


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Recruiters are not Talent Agents.  We don’t pick a player and shop him around to the various teams working to get him the best deal, like a “hot” athlete.  (Or if we were to consider it, you had better be cash on the hoof – better than everyone else out there and within commute distance of the company paying for the search.)

I’m sorry that this is the harsh reality.

75% or more of all jobs, high or lowly, are filled, not by what you know, not even by who you know, but by who knows you.

Here is a short podcast about this.

For more actionable steps to design your targeted networking strategy, where can i buy accutane in the philippines

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Do any of these job search frustrations sound familiar?

Job search frustrations can be a real roller coaster. 

1. If I go over the internet and put my resume, there are plenty of all 
sorts of recruiters making phone calls to me requesting to see if I am 
ready to perform using some narrow skill they are looking for.

2. I am mainly looking for opportunities that will transition me from the current technical role into leadership or management role, but I get calls that are mainly interested on one of my technical skills and how I can perform on their projects using the skill.

3. My biggest frustration in the job search is companies not willing to inform you if they have filled the position with another candidate. A quick e-mail telling me that they have gone with another candidate would be very helpful. Many companies will never inform you that the position has been filled.

4.  Postings for positions that don’t actually exist (some companies do this bi-annually to keep a stock pile of resumes)

5.  Having to continuously enter the same information in applicant tracking systems

6. New recruiters who don’t know the industry they are working in (“Do you have any healthcare experience?” Did you even read my resume??)

7.  Not knowing the salary range of a position ahead of time, which makes it impossible to tell whether a position is worth applying for

8.  Jobs that suddenly disappear due to budget freezes, executives going on vacation and/or a million other things that have nothing to do with the job

9.  Inappropriate aptitude testing not applicable to the position

10. Extremely long wait times in between interview stages

11. Ageism/sexism/etc (ex: most people look at me and assume that I’m going to take off and have a baby as soon as I get hired)

12  Salary inequality due to the previous bullet

13. “Purple cow” job descriptions which do not match the salary offered

14.  Salary low balling in general

15.  The everyday emotional roller coaster that wrecks havoc on your self-esteem


Why don’t they reply? What is going on in there? What can I do instead?


 To avoid these frustrations, put online applications where they belong, in the bottom 20% of your time on job search.  

Instead, join us for Free Open Office Hours buy generic accutane online at 11:30 am PST or buy generic accutane 40 mg at 8:30 am PST.

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updated 4/18/17

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