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Keep track of your connections, perhaps in your own CRM, where you can keep notes and tag them.

But do pace yourself and don’t seem desperate, send an email saying something like: I see that we are not LinkedIn.  Shall I invite you? Or would you prefer to invite me?  My LinkedIn URL is

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And always follow up within 24 hours of making that connections before both you and your new connection forget what you talked about!

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Would you contact them? Send a resume? Email a cover letter? Invite them for coffee? See whom you know who also knows them? Or leave the list in your inbox and do nothing? 

People are still people and job search is like dating.  How do you approach an attractive partner?

What is your style?  Is it working for you? 

buy accutane online bodybuilding, if you would like those 25 names. Or build up your LinkedIn connections by inviting your 2nd degree connections to become 1st degree, even if they are not the hiring managers.


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Revised 4/20/17

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There is no point in having a network if the people in it forget who you are.  It takes time and attention to keep your network bright and shiny.  

Here are 5 methods: 

  1. Send Holiday and birthday cards – either by US Post or email (buy accutane v-drugstore, regular paper cards, buy accutane in dubai, or through LinkedIn Connections, etc.)

This is the easiest method.  You can do this in just a few minutes each day or even weekly with scheduling.  It is surprising how few people do this.

  1. Email regularly.  Check in with each person about what they are doing, send a link to an article they would be interested in, or, if they have made the news, about them or their company.
  1. Schedule a  buy accutane on ebay, FaceTime or buy accutane online europe date.

This can be text or  “face-to-face”  but only requires a nice shirt and some computer-savy.  Hangouts are very easy.  You might need to get up to speed on G+.  Skype requires a download.  Again the content should be more about them than it is about you.

  1. Meet face-to-face for coffee or a beer.
  1. Have lunch together and focus on how things are going for both of you.
  1. Invite to dinner or a party and introduce them to each other.

Being remembered is a very important part of job search.  Being liked is as well, so let it be about them, not you!

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Social Network concept

We all have our inner circle and if they had a job for you, you would already have it and not be reading this post. Who is in your wider circle? Who are the nexus points at the companies you want to work in?  

You usually have about 25 people in your inner circle.  I base this on our evolution – we lived in hunter-gatherer groups of about 25 for 50,000 years. 

Your outer circle, the people you could have a one on one conversation with over coffee or a beer, is usually about 375 (not including your inner circle).  These are the people you interact with on a regular basis, even if it is just holiday cards or college reunions.  These folks might have a job for you, if they only knew what it is that you do. 

But most of your jobs will be located a little further out.  They are people that the people that you know, know.  You can get introduced, but you don’t know them yet. 

Who do you want in your outer circle?

You don’t want to be known or know everybody.  There are not enough hours left in your life.  You do need to be known by the people in your industry who can help you in your career.  Networking with them is an investment in your career.  Do you know how? 

Start with identifying your inner circle.  Then add your outer circle.  Sort them by what they do and where they work.  Pull out the ones in your industry. These are the start of your career network.  Which of them work at companies you are interested in? 

What if no one in your network knows anyone at the companies you want to work for?

If there are companies you are interested in that don’t employ anyone in your outer circle, check LinkedIn to see if you have any first degree connections who are connected to anyone who works there. (how can i buy accutane online)  These are your 2nd degree connections (according to LinkedIn).  Can you network in person with both your 1st and 2nd degree folks there?  If so, you can add that 2nd degree person to your career network. 

In this case, you need both numbers and specificity.  If you are only LinkedIn with your inner circle, LinkedIn will be of no use to you in your job search.  If you try simply to link with everyone, see above.  You are wasting time.  So choose carefully.

So how do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.

You need to know which companies you are interested in.  Do you?

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Revised 4/20/17

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Finding a job is like finding a marriage partner.  Networking is like dating.  Interviewing is like proposing.  Don’t propose before you get to know the partner!  Don’t interview before you network!

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Face to face is better even with all of the tools now available.

It is easy to be swept away with these tools and think that simply inviting people to LinkedIn, friending them on Facebook, following them on Twitter, etc. is networking. But it is NOT! Face to face is better.

face to face is better

Business networking is really more like making an IRL (in real life) friend or even like dating.  Once you discover each other online, you need to meet and get the whole picture.  Body language, pheromones, interests, the way they respond to the waiter, etc., all tell you more about the person.  Face-to-face is better. 

Even G+ Hangouts and Skype (while better than the written word alone or with a static picture) won’t give you the whole picture. 

Remember that networking is where you give something that costs you only time and effort and very little cash and the same is true for the person you are networking with. 

What you both get is something you value.  You must give four times before you have earned the right to ask for something. 

So what can you give? 

All people like attention and for someone to be interested in what they do, what they think, what they like or dislike. Ask those questions and really listen.  You will learn quite a bit.  The thing you will get that will be of value to your job search is whether or not their company is a good place to work. 

Meeting in groups like the buy research accutane or buy real accutane online or whatever networking groups are in your area, is a great opportunity to be face-to-face with people in your industry.  Be sure that the group you choose is targeted enough.  Job search groups are ok for practice, but won’t get you closer to the companies you really need to know about. 

face to face is better

Personal Networking works the best for finding jobs.

Before you attend a large meeting, set some goals. 

Don’t just collect business cards.  You will need to follow up with the people, whose cards you connect, within 24 hours. There is a limit on how many you can follow up with.  I suggest 5-10.  Have real conversations.  Take notes on their business card.  Promise to send them something – a link, an article, directions to your favorite restaurant, something.  And do it.

If they can move you closer to your ideal job, set a schedule of connecting with them on a weekly or biweekly basis.  If it turns out that they can’t at this time, keep them in your network and connect at least once a year.

But remember, face-to-face is better.

If you have not had your first complimentary coaching call:

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