Business Cards – the more the better: Myth #4

callingcardtray-300x265 KRLTMyth: The more business cards you collect at a large meeting, the better

You have seen those people at business events, handing out more than one card per person and collecting as many as they can get people to give to them.  How many do they go home with?  When I still believed this one, I once came home with over 65, from people who would not remember me or, if they did, not fondly.

The truth: Only those cards that lead to another conversation are valuable

So decide how many people you can follow up with within 24 hours and only get that many cards.  Spend at least 5 minutes talking with each person about what they do, not giving an elevator or any other kind of speech.  Listen more than you talk.  Set up another time to talk or have coffee. Write a quick note on the back of their business card about what they said and if you promised to send them anything (a link?).  Then send it within 24 hours and reaffirm the date, time and place for the next meeting.


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