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Your preferred companies are the ones you are most interested in working for?  Do you follow them?  Even if you are not currently looking for a job, this process is essential for your career.  

purchase accutane (isotretinoin), I show you a number of websites that you might want to check out to start developing your list.  This will help you at large networking event as well as finding your next role.

There are thousands of companies that might need your skills and thousands that don’t. But you have to be the one who chooses where to start. There are no purchase accutane who will take your bucket of skills and drop a job in your lap.  And, if you have spent time and money to get a specialized degree or years of your life learning your trade, you don’t want to work at Macy’s!

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Before you start your job search

Jump start your job search

Your job search doesn’t need to be long, depressing and unproductive.

The secret to starting a fast, productive job search is to know exactly what you have to offer and how to tell people about it.

Knowing all of your skills and which ones you want to use in your next job will allow you to skip the unproductive parts of a search and move directly to the jobs you want.

Being able to talk about your skills in a concise and interesting way will allow people to know what you do and figure out if they need your skills to solve their problem. Or if they know someone who does.

Don’t be at a loss for words! Work on it ahead of time so you know which nouns and adjectives are the most appropriate.

Don’t expect that everyone can read your mind or knows what it is you do. Be able to tell them without boring them or talking from the 30000 foot view. You want them to see and hear your interest in what you do, but you don’t want to expect them to share your passion for it.

More tools

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This Friday Judson and I discussed kinds of interviews.  The first of 2 parts, this one covered prep, types of interviews (8!), confidence and questions you should ask them!  The next will cover negotiation and follow-up. This podcast is 30 minutes long.

Interviewing is not an exam or a dissertation presentation.  It is a conversation to see if you have the skills (and desire) to solve this company’s problem.  They don’t hire if they don’t have a problem.  You need to know ahead of time what that problem is.

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Do you have questions and want to see what other people are looking for? Check out buy accutane eu 

I asked the site for job search questions.  Above I show it to you and talk about my answers to the questions with my opinions.  

Do you have other questions?

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How to network at an event!

Don’t: try to get every business card in the room or give your to everyone there

Do this instead:

Choose 5-10 people to talk with whom you don’t currently know.  Use the attendee sheet if there is one or get there early and look over the name tags.

Spend at least 5 minutes with each one.  If this is a dinner or presentation, you may not have quite enough time.  But don’t do hit-and-run business card exchange.  Very disappointing.

Take notes on the back of their business card.  Find out what you can give them. Link? Introduction? A coffee date? What are they curious about?

Follow up within 24 hours with the link, intro, time and place to talk over coffee.  If you know what they are working on, look it up for a link or two.  Ask a good, geeky question.

At NO point beg for a job.  This is not an interview, even if you are networking with someone at a company where you would like to work.

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How do you prep for your interviews?

Interviews are NOT like being hauled into the principal’s office.  

Interviews are NOT like being hauled into the principal’s office.  

Don’t start out in a “one down” position.  Remember that you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you.  Go in with confidence because you have prepared well.

Nor are interviews like networking coffee dates.

Make sure that they have a job you actually want, as well as one you can do. 

You know how, when you are shopping for a new house or even just a couch, the places and details can really run together.  Do not let this happen in your job search!! Keep notes!  You do NOT want to call the hiring manager by the name of the one at the last interview!!

Do let me know if you need some help with any of this.  You can schedule a time to practice or I can help you with the details of the prep! If you have never talked with me before, where to buy accutane in kuala lumpur.   If we have already had our first conversation then schedule buy legit accutane or buy liquid accutane

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How to choose your next job

choose your next job

Choose your next job?!  Yes, there really are many jobs out there – We are well into the “War for Talent”.

But it can seem like there are no jobs if you don’t know that 75% of them are filled by personal networking before they ever reach a job board.

Who are you talking with?

Do you know what you want to do?

Where you want to do it?

Who is currently doing it there?

What problems they need to solve?

Here is the latest Office Hours talk on How to Choose Your Next Job

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What industry are you in or want to be in?
How well do you know it?

Knowledge workers like bioscience professionals are expected to know their industry, what is going on in it and who the main “players” are. 

Do you know how to decide?  Where to look? Who at each company to talk with for more info?

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Interviewing can be a scary proposition or one where you are confident going in and know what happens next coming out.

Preparation is essential.

Most people don’t really prepare enough and when faced with the hiring manager, or worse, a team of interviewers, it is easy to freeze.

Here are some suggestions on how to avoid that and be seen as the person who can solve the problem they are hiring to fix.

For a coaching session on just your interview, buy zydex accutane

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Hi I’m Connie Hampton of Hampton and Associates, Scientific and Executive Search Services.  One of our services is Bioscience Job Kit.

Today’s topic is how to customize online job search.

I don’t recommend an entirely online job search but there are some things you can do to customize it and make it better. You can get a little closer to what it is you want.

Know your bioscience industry:
identify which bioscience industry or function fits you best.  When people come to me and say “I want a job, any job” you really need to know that there are no any jobs. Jobs are specific; companies are specific; industries are specific. So get started with the easy one: which industry or function fits you best? If you’re a microbiology scientist, that will tell you not to look at Macy’s.

You need to know what it is you’re selling. We all have many skills we don’t want to get paid for: cleaning refrigerators is mine. So make a list of your key skills and all the ways that those particular skills are described in your industry.

Be sure to be visible with these keywords. Use them in all of your online profiles: LinkedIn, of course, but also anything where you have a username and password will probably have a profile. Using them there! You might as well come up more frequently on Google and the search engines! Also, use them as hashtags. LinkedIn has decided to participate in the hashtag world. Use them on your twitter accounts! Go find people that use these hashtags. Go find groups that use them and join those groups.

Know your company criteria. This is one that most people already do know how to do, but let’s get really granular. Make a list of what you actually need in your next company. It could be location; it could be therapeutic area; it could be size of company; it could be funding; it could be their current relationship with the FDA. What’s your list of company criteria? I have a cheapest pharmacy for accutane about bioscience company criteria, but make your own list!

Know which companies actually meet those criteria. Go online to Google or LinkedIn to find these companies. If you’ve decided you don’t want to move there is absolutely no point in including companies in Australia, in less you live in Australia. Start making your list of all those companies that seem to meet most of your criteria.

You are not going to be able to get down intimately into the companies with your online search, so that’s why the next question is who do you know who works in each of these companies. Using LinkedIn, your other groups, or just your friends identify one person in each of your companies. This person cannot give you a job. The only person who can really is the hiring manager. You don’t want to go there yet because you still need the inside scoop on the rest of your company criteria to help you narrow down that list of companies (probably 30 or more) down to the 10 that are most attractive, meet more of your criteria and that you can identify.

Do you have a friend there already? Take them out to coffee and pick their brains! Is it really a good company to work for? Or are they thinking about jumping ship? If you don’t currently have a friend there yet, get introduced! Find the person who is linked to your friend as well is your friend is linked to you. Take them both the coffee. LinkedIn helps with this. They’ll tell you who your first-degree connection is and who is their 1st degree connection (your second). You can get introduced!

Then network: provide these people, that you’re having coffee with, something they need and find out if it’s good to work for their company. Ask about the other pieces on your criteria list that you could not find online.

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Working with my bioscience job search coach on my bioscience online job search

Ask your new networking partner at that particular company to introduce you to someone in the department you want to join. Because you can’t just expect HR to be able to identify where you would fit best. It’s not their job and you need to know which departments would be most effective for you, where you would be most effective.

When you meet with this second person, get the inside scoop on what problem they’re working on and the language they use to describe it. They may be working on a problem you have no desire to work on or one that excites you. The words they use will become very important when you write up your resume.

Your next task is to be remembered, liked, and trusted. So you need to follow up regularly to be remembered, liked, and trusted. You can do it on LinkedIn; you can do it on email; you can do it with paper and a stamp but follow-up! Send them links to things they might be interested in, “saw this and thought of you” kinds of emails, “I was looking up your problem the other day at in PubMed and found this paper. It is it out of date. Does it have anything useful for you?” Those kinds of things.

Check the companies career page daily to see if they are looking for you now. If you don’t match at least 85% of the online position description, don’t apply. It’s not your job. When you do apply online you need to use the words that are in the position description, as well as the words that you’ve discovered they used to talk about their problem because there is frequently a drop of information between the hiring manager, the HR person, and the job post. So use both so that you can get through the applicant tracking system program as well as catch the eye of the hiring manager.

Now you want to write a resume, possibly before you apply online, but definitely after you have found out what words they’re using. You want to write a resume for this company, this problem, this position.

What you do with it: only send it to that one bioscience company. It’s not applicable to other companies. Do not spam 30 companies with a resume that is generic. They’re not going to look at it. You want your information to fall off the top half of the first page of your two-page resume using the words they used to talk about their problem and showing that you can in fact solve it.

For more information check out how to get accutane cheap or for cheap 30 mg accutane or email me where to buy cheap accutane

Of course these steps work for other industries as well.

Thanks so much and have a great day!

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