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purchase accutane onlineThere are jobs, careers, passions, vocations, avocations, hobbies.

You’ve heard “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life” (much better than “do what you love and the money will follow – not necessarily true)

But all jobs and careers, even passions and vocations, have things you don’t like.  The best ones are those which have a good balance of great and good and very little “bad”. 

We all have skills we don’t want to use in our work.  We know how to wash glassware, but probably don’t want that to be a large part of what we do all day. 

Once you know what skills you want to use for many hours each week, do you know the kinds of companies that would use them?  Are you passionate about what those companies do? purchase generic accutane

For example, if you are passionate about curing cancer or even a particular cancer, your skills could be useful in the companies working on that cancer.  This is true whether your skills are in oncology research, clinical trials or even accounting.  If shopping is your passion, are you skilled in purchasing?  Or what is the kernel of that love?  Can it be used in another venue? 

Most of us are tested in middle school to see if we are “college material” or have another path.  We know nothing of the world then and most of us have not been exposed to enough of it to know what our choices really are.  Even in high school, we tend to think that there are really only a few choices: teacher, doctor, what our parents do.  A tiny slice of the real world.  Eventually, if we are lucky, we bang around in the world enough, have enough “entry-level” jobs, to have a better idea of what excites us.  We can choose to walk toward it or just keep banging around.  We find out what we might be good at as we develop skills that we may or may not enjoy using.  We may feel that we have to work at a job we hate in order to pay the bills and have a tiny bit left over for our true passion – the one we can only afford to do as a hobby. 

This does not have to be true.  You can take what you love and what you can do and combine them.  It does take self-awareness and work. 

First, what do you really love?

Second, what are you good at or could be good at?

What companies are in the arena of what you love?  You may love football, but not be a player.  But all football teams need doctors and accountants, marketers and IT guys.  The companies that work on drugs for the disease that affected your relatives needs scientists of all kinds and skill levels as well as accountants, HR people, IT folks, marketing people, etc.  Can you, will you, take a step toward making your passion part of your job? 

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English: Title page of The Passionate Pilgrim (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once you know what you are passionate about, or at least interested in, how can you let people know?

People get hired because they are known, remembered, liked and trusted (at least enough to be given a chance to prove themselves).  So how can you be known by the people who are in a position to hire you?

It used to be that you would just send out a generic resume to everyone you knew or thought could hire you.  This meant that you did not have to define your niche or figure out where you would fit best.  This method left the decisions all in the hands of the hiring company/hiring manager.  Since things were so much slower then, they might have the time and the generosity to try to fit a job to what you wrote in your general resume.  Or they may well not have had the time, but because they knew your father, they would give you a chance.  This just doesn’t work anymore.  Especially if you no longer live in the town you were born in. 

If you are an unknown, you are one of at least 100 people who have applied for the same job.  Generic resumes make readers’ eyes glaze over and, if you are very lucky, you get the full six (6) seconds of viewing time.  What will make you different from the other 99 applicants? 

Since only 20% of jobs are filled by people who send in online applications, don’t put all your eggs in that basket.  Recruiters only fill about 5%, so, while you should be nice to recruiters who call you, spending your time and energy calling recruiters is a real waste of your time.  75% of all jobs are still filled by personal networking – this means that the hiring manager knows you, remembers you and likes you.

But you don’t want to be hired by someone who knows, remembers and likes you for a job that you hate before you even start. 

So how can you be known by the people who can hire you for jobs you want? You can’t expect the people who know you right now to have a job for you right now. If they did, you would already have it.  But they can introduce you to other people who don’t know you yet, but who are also passionate about the things that interest you.  How are you managing this process? 

Do you belong to groups that are also interested in the things you are passionate about?  How many of the people who attend these groups are now friends of yours? How many are working in this niche?  Where?  What do they do?  Do you want to do that too?  How do you know?  Does it use your current skills?  Do you need to add any skills to be good at what they do?  Do you have any solutions for them?  Do you have any skills that they need?  How can you help them in their job?  Even if there is no job for you at this moment, there may well be next week or next month.

Tell me what you are passionate about!

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Are you known?

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The sad truth is that the Job Fairy has died.  No one will tap you with a wand and send you to your perfect job in your perfect career at your perfect company.  You are the one who has to do the hard work to find your calling and match your passions with your skills.

Career coaches can guide you through this process, but in the end it is your choice, your career, your decision.  There are many books, websites, groups, etc. that can help you do the work, but only you can do it.  You can test yourself to find “objectively” what you would be good at, but you still need to decide if it is right for you. 

Once upon a time it was possible for a woman to get married and not have to decide on a career.  Today, marriage is wonderful, but you still need a career.  Just a job usually means minimum wage and we all know that you can’t support yourself on that. 

So what are your passions?  If that is too intimidating a word, what do you like? Take your time, make a real list, not just in your mind.  Use 3X5 cards or a notebook or your phone, but get it out of your head.  What would you like to do next?  What would you like to retire from when you are old?  You are not committed to any of this right this minute, but you do need to choose a direction for your work life. 

Most jobs involve working, on a daily basis with people, so what kind of people do you want to work with?  What do you want to accomplish with this team?  Or do you want to work strictly alone?  What would you need to be able to do that? Or how much time do you need to work with people or alone?  

Many different industries may be able to satisfy your passions.  Or not.   For a simple and quick list of industries, check buy accutane on ebay.  Or the  buy accutane online europe.  Most people reading this blog are in the bioscience industries – working for the betterment of human, animal or world health and a sustainable future (see my passions?).  These industries range from tools for biological and chemical research, diagnostics, therapeutics (both large and small molecule), medical devices (both implantable and capital equipment) and agriculture, vet med, biofuels, GMOs for a climate changing world.  Which industry is calling your name? 

What skills do you already have?  If you are more than 6 years old, you have a huge number.  Some you want to use in a job; others not so much.  Make another list.  Keep adding to it.  Where are the holes?  Do they add up to a job in your area of passion?  Skills in research will narrow the industries list; skills in accounting will broaden it.  Here is where your passion will help you decide. 

Only you can do the work to choose a direction, an industry, a passion to follow.  Whining or wishing about it will not get you a job.  Doing the work will.

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Job Search Tip 2

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Don't be a wallflower!

Don’t be a wallflower!

Buy accutane online forum, Buy accutane from india

for the fear of the wallflower!

Come to events with some questions in mind:

  • How do you know the host or the organization?
  • What brings you here?
  • What are you planning to do for the holidays?  Something special?

Have your “elevator pitch” but only use it if someone actually asks what you do.  If you focus on them, they might not ask. Think of public networking as a research project, not a spam project.  


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where is my bioscience job?

Speaking the same (science) language

For many people, networking means going to a presentation or meeting and collecting and handing out business cards. And while this is one technique, it is not all of networking or even a large part. 

Networking is establishing and maintaining personal relationships with people for your mutual benefit.  The benefits must go both ways and be satisfying to both people in any networking meeting.  It includes choice and follow-up.  Random meeting and exchange of business cards may, but usually does not, lead to benefits for both parties.

Choice means choosing where and when to meet people and establish a relationship of some sort.  If three months or three days later you or your networking partner does not remember the other, it was not networking.  It may have been a good party, but not networking.  Only participate in “networking events” if the other people there are likely to be in your industry.

Choose where and when you network.  Don’t expect too much from yourself – don’t try to collect all of the business cards in the room!  Decide to network with no more than 5-10 people at any one event.  Ask questions about them!  Find out what they do and if there is anything you can do for them.  Do not give your “elevator speech” unless they ask you what you do, but keep it short and turn the conversation back to them as soon as possible.  Don’t be desperate! 

Networking can also, and perhaps even better, be done one on one.  Take someone to coffee and learn about them, their job, their company, what they do in their spare time, without asking for anything for you.  Figure out what you can do to make their life better.  Perhaps you should introduce them to someone, send them a link, follow-up after you do some research, but always give them the gift of your attention.  We all like attention and will feel better when we get it.

If these people seem to be interesting to you, add them to your career network and keep up with them – follow them on LI, on FB, wherever the web makes it easier, but also do it in real life.  Send holiday cards, invite them to your big 4th of July party, etc. 

Friends are the inner circle of your personal network, some of your business network/career network people will become personal friends.  And we all need friends!

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A segment of a social network (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A good career network contains at least two people from each of the companies you would like to work for plus everyone you have ever worked with (if it was civil) and those from your industry that you have met otherwise. For a useful LinkedIn network, you need at least 400 people with less than 5% recruiters and most of the others in buy real accutane online

How many people do you have in your career network? buy roaccutane online, buy roaccutane, former co-workers? 

You probably have other people in your network as well, but these are not as critical.

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updated 4/18/17

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where to buy real accutane onlinewhere to buy accutane online acne.orgWhen I go to networking meetings and talk with someone about their job search, I ask them to tell me the top 10 companies that they would prefer to work for.  Most people can’t name three, give me only the names of the largest, most visible, ones or tell me that they will take any job.

You can’t network with every one, or even all the people in your industry in your region.  Even if you could, you would have to start somewhere.  Going to random meetings, putting your resume in a little boat on the ocean, or replying to every job opening with a generic resume is simply a waste of your time and hope. 

Take a good look at your industry.  Here in the SF Bay Area there are many, many bioscience companies.  Some are in tools or life science, some in diagnostics, both clinical and molecular, some are in therapeutics, both large and small molecule, some in medical devices, both implantable and not.  Which ones are likely to need your skills?  An oncology researcher is unlikely to be of interest to a life science tools company, but may find a place in diagnostics or therapeutics.  A biophysicist might be more interested in building tools than in taking data.  But only you can decide where you would be happiest. If you don’t know yet, you still need to pick a direction. 

No company has your best interest or your career path in mind for you.  None will hire you because you need a job.  You are the only one to choose a career path for your own best interest. 

Once you decide on an industry, what are the names of the companies in your industry and in your commute distance?  Do your homework!    What is their URL? What is their street address? What is the main phone number?  What, exactly do they do?  Why are you interested in them (you will be asked this one!)?  What are the details of their product development?  Who is on the management team?

Of the 10 to 50 companies that you have researched, which ten do you like the most? 

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