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Do you have your job search map?

You have to have a plan to get a job and putting your whole life on two pieces of paper and spamming everyone you can think of is NOT it! Do you have a job search map?

You need to do targeted networking, but before you pick up the phone or message your LinkedIn connections, you have some pre-work to do.  

What do you want to do next?  Not just the title, but the tasks. What do you want to be paid to do?

Can you be seen online?  Are you visible for recruiters and hiring managers?

Where do you want to work?  What location? What industry, what niche, what companies?

Who do you know there?  What are they working on? Do they know you personally?

Go ahead and apply online if one of these companies has your job posted, but really you need to follow up with the people you know before the hiring manager and the HR team knows that they need you.

When they do, then write the resume for that particular interview at that particular company.

Interview well, in a consultative manner and ask and answer the right questions.

Get hired!

Rinse and repeat, because no job these days lasts for 30 years.

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There are only 4 things you need to know in order to
get a good bioscience job.

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1. Know what you want to be paid to do
2. Know your industry niche and the companies in it
3. Know your network well and, especially, …

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Make it easy for people to get in touch with you. 

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Social Network concept in 3d

How can recruiters and hiring managers get in touch with you? You might want to have an email address just for your job search.  I recommend a gmail account.

It is your “loose connections” or your distant ones that will be most likely to have your next job for you.  Don’t network with recruiters – we will find you if we have a job you seem to fit, but do network with people at the companies you want to work in.  Maintain your connections, say “Happy Birthday” or Congratulations on work anniversary, promotion or new job!  And keep adding to the network.  Your limit is 30,000!

Here is what you have to do on LinkedIn to allow recruiters and hiring managers to email you directly.

Go to your picture in the upper right hand corner (in the black bar)

Hover and click on Settings and Privacy

Go to the Privacy Tab

Click on “Who can see your email address”

And change it to Everyone or at least 1st and 2nd-degree connections 

If you don’t want the emails from anyone, change it to Only you

But why do that?  What are you on LinkedIn for? 


Who can see connie@hamptonexecutivesearch.com on your profile?

  • Only you
  • 1st-degree connections
  • 1st and 2nd-degree connections
  • Everyone on LinkedIn

You can control what email address is your primary in your can you buy accutane over the counterand can you buy accutane in mexico about how your email address is visible to other members on LinkedIn.

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The most common and, perhaps, most feared questions asked in interviews are:

What are your strengths?

What are your weaknesses?

Being prepared for these is the most basic thing you can do before an interview; even better is knowing these before you start your job search.  This sort of self-assessment can be very tough to do by yourself.

What tools do you have to get to these answers?

Finding your strengths

Doing it by yourself could be as simple as taking out a pen and pad. Or asking your friends and loved-ones.

Or you may want to use some of the online assessment tools.  There are thousands and some are better than others for different careers.  They cost from nothing to hundreds of dollars.  They come both with and without interpretation or support.  You may have taken one or more of these before, in school or in a job interview or at a temp placement shop.  Some are validated.  Others are based on the provider’s personal theories.

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Finding your weaknesses

Looking for your weaknesses might be easier with a partner, someone who knows you well and can be honest with you.  Asking a number of your friends for just one weakness each will give you a list you can look at.  Look also at your “growing edges” to see what you might want to learn in your new job.  You can say “I’m weak in (stretch goal) and would like to be guided by my supervisor to improve in that area.”

What have your experiences been?  For the DIYers among you, check out  

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And check out these blog posts on interviewing

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Why do you need to know what “your keywords” are?  Do you know them?

Have you taken the time to build the “treasure chest” of your keywords for your Profiles and resumes?  For your conversations and networking meetings?

This is the first step, before you apply for a job.

What are you proud of?  Which of your accomplishments are you most proud of?  What are the words that describe them?  How can you show what you did?


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LinkedIn keeps “refining” their website.  

Here is a look at LinkedIn’s latest changes and what the job seeker needs to know.

For a checklist for your Profile, can you buy accutane online

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Do you think that you will ever need to find a new job?

Do you know how to do it?

Are you doing the right things now
to make finding that job easier when the time comes?

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It can take up to 50 hours/week for 4-6 weeks to find a new job.  Of course, it will take longer if you are still working and can only spend 20 hrs/week.  And even longer if you have not kept up with your career network.

Your first task as a job seeker is maintaining your visibility online (LinkedIn, etc.) using the buy accutane pharmacy in the buy accutane online pharmacy to fit the searches of recruiters AND to add depth and complexity when the hiring manager looks you up.

Then you need to be sure that you are known by the right people in the where to buy accutane philippines This is the most important part, but which companies are the right ones?  You have to know what would make a company right for you: size, location, culture, what they are working on, etc.  You won’t be able to find all of this online. 

You need someone inside the company who can tell you.  Do you already have this person in buy accutane pills?  Take them out to coffee!  Don’t hand them a buy accutane pills online – this is not a job interview!  Ask easy questions, opinions, feelings, etc.  Imagine yourself working in that environment. 

If this company seems to fit, get introduced to someone in the department you want to work in or check your career network for a potential colleague, not the boss.  Find out what problems the team is working on and how they talk about them.  Take notes.  safe place to buy accutane online

Ensure that you will be remembered before they hire someone else, liked and trusted to be able to solve their problem(s).  This is all in the buy accutane online reviews.

Now you can write a resume and will be interviewed. 

These are not difficult tasks.  But you need to do them.  The networking piece can be done well before you need a job.  Just keep in touch with the people in the companies you have decided would be good for you. 

Need more help?  Email me at buy research accutane

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No one can hire you if they don’t know you exist!! So be visible!!!

Once upon a time, you could get a good job by walking into the company and asking the receptionist for an application.  She probably knew your father or at least her boss did. You were visible to your neighbors and your parents’ friends.

Now we live in a world where you don’t know everyone and everyone does not know you.  So you have to do a few things to be visible.  And I don’t mean pink hair (although that will not stop you in most jobs any more).

So fill out your LinkedIn Profile!  Get a checklist for doing so where to buy accutane in singapore

And look for other places on the internet where you have some unused property: G+, Twitter, your trade associations, like RAPS or others.  Are you presenting yourself in a professional and attractive (to hiring managers) way.

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Are you managing your career?  Or is it managing you?


Many people simply “fall” into their jobs.  Is that you?  Or did you spend quite a bit of time and effort learning your trade?  Why stop there?  Learn to manage your career as well – it is not as hard as what you have already learned.

The steps are simple:

Know what you want to do next

Know what you need in your next company

Know which companies offer that

Know who works there

Be known by the people in the companies you want to work in

Know what each company needs next

Follow up!

THEN write your resume

These things take time and you need to start before a job posting hits the internet.  You want to get one of the jobs that are filled at the “Who do we know?” level.

Need some help?

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A bill of goods is an expression that says that the seller is not delivering what the payer thought. Are you being “had”?

I think that the “online job boards” are just such a “bill of goods”.  They are obviously making money – TV and radio ads are not free.  But only 20% of jobs are filled that way and only about 2% of applicants even get to talk to a live human (probably in HR, not the hiring manager).  So is it worth your time?  Even more, is it worth the depression you are exposing yourself to, by sending in 100s of applications/resumes and never hearing back?

What works better is to be known, remembered, liked and trusted by the people in the departments in the companies you know you want to work in.  Don’t leave your career up to chance!  Don’t wait for the Fairy Job Mother!  Get out there and meet people!  Have conversations with people in the company you want to join!  Find out if they have a problem that you want to solve!  Don’t waste your time applying to companies that are laying off, have problems you never want to see again, or are about to go under!  Find out first from the people!

Make friends with your potential co-workers so they can recommend you to the hiring manager – 75% of jobs get filled that way!  And 100% of the applicants have talked to someone in the department!

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