What you need at a bioscience networking event

Your bioscience networking kit:

Do you carry these bioscience networking tools in your pocket?

Your Business Cards

business card image

(Vistaprint.com or Moo.com)

  • It should have your name, with letters if you have them (PhD, MD, MBA, etc.)
  • Your Headline/tagline (from your LinkedIn or G+ Profiles)
  • How to contact you:
    • Mobile or Google phone number
    • Email address (dignified or just for job search – @gmail.com or even @yahoo.com or @hotmail.com)
    • Your LinkedIn URL:  www.linkedin.com/in/yourname

(How to get your very own LinkedIn URL)

A business card holder

Your phone

– to capture info – get their mobile number and text to them immediately:

I don’t answer calls from people I don’t know.  Perhaps you don’t either.  I really enjoyed talking with you  today at (insert meeting name here) – Your name


Nice name tag

on your right shoulder or lapel, near your face:

Pocket for the cards you collect

with a pen to make a note on the card about the person, the topic of conversation, the event and


perhaps a calendar

or your phone to actually schedule a 1 on 1 coffee meeting

Breath mints

Hand sanitizer


But most of all : A plan for that event

Want to discuss your plan?  Schedule a call here


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