How big is your career network? Who, in your industry, knows you?

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A good career network contains at least two people from each of the companies you would like to work for plus everyone you have ever worked with (if it was civil) and those from your industry that you have met otherwise. For a useful LinkedIn network, you need at least 400 people with less than 5% recruiters and most of the others in your industry and niche.

How many people do you have in your career network? LinkedIn, associations, former co-workers? 

You probably have other people in your network as well, but these are not as critical.

Do you need a review of your LinkedIn or other profiles?

Help deciding whom to approach as a connection?

What needs to be done to keep in touch?

How to turn all this into your next job?


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updated 4/18/17


  1. Having at least two people from your network in each company I am interested in is probably a good idea. But how does one go about developing that?

    • Connie Hampton says

      Very targeted networking. First, are you 2nd degree connections on LinkedIn with anyone at your ideal companies? Take the person both you and your potential co-worker know out for coffee – this is best done face to face and probably with the person you both know.
      Or attend events that you know people from your target companies will be attending and introduce yourself.
      Or join LI groups that include people who work for your target companies and like what they write, comment on it, invite them to comment on your comments and really just make some friends.
      Check with your other personal friends and see if anyone know someone who works at one of your top twenty companies. Get them to introduce you.
      Be sure that you have something to offer them. Don’t beg. Don’t be desperate. Don’t be needy.


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