What My Clients Say

 Clients Say:    

“Hands-down – you were the most helpful person I talked to in the past year. I’m still moving along on my job search. Lots of interviews!” – Margaret

     “To be remembered, liked and trusted” This nugget of job seeking advice to my mind is what really distinguishes Connie’s approach and the quality of her advice.
     It is one of many followed by a rich experience set that, in combination, gives her a very strong and systematic approach to providing genuinely helpful advice to job seekers.
     Connie helped me more in two sessions than my entire eight months of assistance from a large outplacement firm. She is an incredible value. If you want to launch an efficient, focused and ultimately successful search, you can’t do better than to contact and work with Connie.” — Chris Lehman,  Coherus Biosciences

     “Really helpful tips for identifying where to go next in your career (and how to make career choices instead of ‘job’ choices)” — Josh Chapman

     “Connie is refreshing! She directly gave me advice where it took me a month of research by reading books on networking. I wish that I had talked to her at the start of my process. It would have saved me much time. She is one of the few that offers complete solutions to a career search and I highly recommend talking to her. She is very personable yet cuts through the fluff and does not waste your time. I am looking to working with her more in the future.” — Jamie

     “Connie is extremely professional, skilled and diligent. Her follow up is excellent as are her interactions with people at all levels. It is a pleasure working with her.” — Andrea

     “I had contacted Connie when searching for jobs and I was very impressed with how quickly she responded. She took the time to explain and guide me through the process and gave me meaningful insights on how to go about finding a job that I want. She is someone I would recommend to all my colleagues.”  — Juliet, Lab Manager, Harvard Medical School

     “Remarkably thoughtful, generous and wise. She received a cold call from me when I was just starting a search, and patiently guided me through realities of finding employment — most of which had nothing to do with her recruiting services or that of any other headhunter. Though we had never met, her genuine concern was helping me out, not scoring a new client. Not many people would do that. And it worked. Excellent advice.” — Orest Hurko, M.D.

     “Connie gave me excellent and detailed advice regarding entering the work force.” — Liora Engel-Smith   

    Connie was a valuable resource and I highly recommend her for anyone in search of a new position, career or contact.” — Mark Zawadzki 

     “A friend and colleague referred me to Connie for help with my search. Connie responded immediately, gave me a use-able road map and advice regarding a senior level executive search. She is patient, considerate, and quite easy to engage in conversation. I came away from one conversation with meaningful insights on how to structure my personal search strategy. I will recommend Connie to anyone who has a problem that needs to be solved by a new view from an outside the company executive.” — Dan Biondi

     “Connie is an experienced executive search consultant with a comprehensive understanding of how to conduct an employment search and how to nurture professional contacts.” — David Iovannisci

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