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Don't beg for a job

Q: I don’t want to tip my employer off? 

A: The method we suggest will only make you more valuable to your current employer   And at no point will you play Oliver Twist and beg, “Please, Sir, may I have a job?”

Q: What if I don’t have the time to do this while I’m currently employed?
A: There is a fair amount of homework to do before the main activities start.  You can break this up into smaller “bites” to do around your current workload so that it is ready when you need it. You will need to spend at least 20 hours each week.

Q: What if I do all this and still don’t get a job?
A: If you need work right now, I suggest a temp job while you are working on your network. This method does work, has worked and will continue to work, but it is not magic and will take time.

Q: What if I don’t know anyone to network with?
A: We will help you learn how to build your network with easy, step-by-step working instructions, an SOP if you will.

Q: What do your services cost?
A: See the Products and Services Link. We have various packages, DIY and supported, classes, podcasts, recorded webinars and transcriptions as well as tools.

Q: Are job search strategy services a tax deductible expense?
A: Yes, coaching services are tax deductible, as well as other employment search expenses. Consult your tax professional for more information.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
A: I accept cash, personal checks, PayPal, credit cards (through PayPal).