About Connie Hampton, Biorecruiter

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Hampton & Associates, Scientific and Executive Search Services

I love helping smart people fight their job search dragons! I love helping you prepare for the “business” part of your career.





Most scientists, and future science company CEOs, emerge from defending their dissertations with no clue how to find a job. Even people who have been in the industry for a while (or a long time, even), haven’t followed how job search has changed. They find that they are ill-equipped to slay the dragon and save the village (find the job they love and can really contribute to)!

I’ve done enough job search over the years that I studied the process:

  • What works
  • What doesn’t
  • How the process really works

I’ve learned that a job search really is a sales job but you only need to make one sale (every few years).

On the other hand, you do need to be marketing (networking) all the time. Even if it is something you don’t like doing.  I can help you find a way that fits your style.

When I found a job as a recruiter, I found my passion.

So, of course, I’m constantly networking and marketing to find new clients, new openings and new candidates.

I’ve honed the process of job search networking and personal branding and marketing. I’ve helped many great people learn how to find jobs. Many have gone on to find each next step in their careers – using the skills they learned from my classes, coaching, products, services and book.

My method can make both job search and other kinds of networking much easier. And it is easy to learn (although it still takes effort, work, and time).

In 1997, I founded Hampton & Associates, Scientific & Executive Search Services because I wanted to provide high-quality executive searches that return far more precise results — especially in biotechnology and life sciences.  In 2000, I started coaching bioscience professionals in job search strategy and tactics. These were great people who simply did not quite fit the jobs I was filling.  

I enjoy coaching job-seekers who don’t match my clients’ current needs. And the great people I simply don’t have a job for at this moment.  

I teach you how to refine your own search process and move forward.

In 2011 I started Network Polish Kit to help professionals in the biotech/biopharma world manage their careers and take the next step.

In 2015 I moved my website to Bioscience Job Search Kit to show more precisely my passion for the bioindustries and the world we are making better.

Before I started recruiting I had a successful sales career and a passionate interest in homeschooling.

I’m a member of many biotech and pharmaceutical industry groups and am active in both national and international recruiting groups.

Graduating from Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA, BA cum laude and continuing to learn daily, I am constantly adding new skills, ideas and processes to my job search toolkit.  I’d like to share them with you.

Oh, and we have just added the “in-law unit” where we intend to “age-in-place” because we want to stay in the SF Bay Area for the rest of our lives (barring an extreme rise in sea level!). This is our new “spa”.


Updated 4/21/17