“A job, any job” is NOT a career step

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“Any job” won’t do it. Are you in the hardest part of being unemployed and looking for work: feeling, fueled by fear, “I need a job, any job!”  If you are over 18 and have held jobs and/or started down a career path in the past, “just any job” won’t work.  Looking for “any job” is like getting up on your horse and riding off in ALL directions.  It can’t be done.


Seth Grodin, in his book, We Are All Weird, says that being rich is having choices.  So, even unemployed or about to be laid off, we are rich.  We have choices.  What we don’t have is a clear choice.  Panic can set in and sling you right back to high school or just out of college when there really were millions of people with the same (minimal) skill set.  Find your way out of panic – it is a real time waster.

Sit down and write out (don’t just keep it in your head) all of your skills.  And I mean all!  Right down to tying your shoes.  Then highlight the ones you would like to get paid for and have a reasonable expectation that someone would do so. (Tying shoes really is a skill for pre-school teachers – teaching it is a better one.) Get your skills organized!

Remember that you are not a generic person – you have skills and experiences that no one else does.

Companies, in this time of tight money and fear on an even larger scale than one person, don’t hire unless they have to.  Only when they have a problem or opportunity that no one they now employ can handle do they even begin to consider hiring.  Not even your mother will hire you because you need a job.

Who do you want to work for?

So take another look at that list of skills and figure out what kind of company would have a problem only you can solve!  What industry?  What market niche?  Only you can decide what your next career step should be.  Working toward it goes a long way toward lessening panic.

Who actually has the job?

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