1000 applicants for 1 Job: 5 Tips to Getting Short-Listed

Have you been short-listed?

Have you seen Ira Wolfe’s blog How many job applicants does it take to find one qualified candidate?

Ira says, “The “war for talent” is heating up even in the midst of high unemployment. According to an article last week in the Wall Street Journal, it takes many more than most employers think (or at least want to accept.) I repeat – a lot more.  The actual numbers are numbing.

For example, an infographic presented in the article revealed that it takes approximately 1,000 online views by candidates to get 100 candidates to complete the application.  Out of that, 25 applications are selected for review, then 4 to 6 candidates are recommended for an interview. When all is said and done, companies may find their one diamond in the rough only after 1,000 candidates view the job posting.  If those numbers hold up, it is clear that the impending war for talent is no longer imminent or pending. It’s here today.”

So how can you get short-listed?

1.  Don’t apply to positions you are not qualified for.  The HR team is not in the business of figuring out where in their organization you might fit.  The hiring manager wants them to deliver just the right person with the right skills.

2.  Do identify the companies that do use your skills, do use people with your background and do exist within your reasonable commute distance.

3.  Do apply to their open position, IF and only if, they are looking for you. 

4.  Find out if any of the people in your current network of friends and acquaintances already work there and get them to introduce you to one of the people in the department you want to work in.

5.  Add this new person to your network and keep in touch.  Get the inside scoop.  Present yourself as the solution to the department’s problem.

No company hires you because you need a job.  Companies only hire when they have a problem or opportunity that can’t be solved or explored by the people they are already paying.

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