3 things you need before you start your job search and none of them is a resume!

 before your job search

Do you ever feel like this
when you start a job search? 

Most people who find that they need to do a job search start at the end with a resumes and wonder why it is not working.  Yes, you will eventually need a resume but before you even begin to write a resume, you need:

1: A spreadsheet where you keep your skill set and what you know

2: A spreadsheet of the companies that use those skills

3: A spreadsheet of your career network

Notice that I say spread sheet and not just a list.  There are lots of details that will steer your job search and allow you to control the course of your career.

The first list should have all of the skills you have that you want to be paid for.  We can all wash a dish and tie a shoelace, but perhaps you want to use your Southern Blot skills more than your dish-washing ones.  So the content of this list should be as complete as you can make it.  These are like the LinkedIn “Skills and Experiences” list that you can be “endorsed” for.  It will also become the source list for your resumes.  Note where and when you learned each skill and where you used it last.  Include a column for any metrics you can for each.


Skill Learned Date Learned where Last used date Last used where Metrics
tie shoes I was 6 at home this morning at home 100’s of broken shoe lace

Can you think of any other fields?

 The second spreadsheet needs to summarize the companies that you like:

Company City/State What they do Why I like them Contact info Website Priority
Hampton & Associates Oakland/CA Recruiting for biotech small company, great people 510-601-1343 www.hamptonexecutivesearch.com  


The third one is the real gold.  Who do you know who either works at each of the above companies or knows someone who works there:

Name Relationship Contact info Where they work When I last spoke with them details contacted for my search
Connie Hampton friend 510-601-1343 connie@hamptonexecutivesearch.com Or to schedule a time to discuss this list: Click here
Hampton & Assoc.


We talked about her need for web and social media help and a possible barter  X

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