3 out of 4 people who land a job check out the company online first

Do you check out the company online before you apply for a job?

More and more people are checking out the company and the better companies are working at providing you with the information you need to decide.

Employment branding is making sure that the career page on the company website is not a yawn or an obstacle course. The best companies are providing potential candidates with pictures, videos, statements from current employees, their mission statement, etc. But many companies have not quite done this yet. 

So, beyond the company pages, where can you look? 


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Public companies will have listings on Forbes.com, BusinessWeek.com and Hoovers.com.

Private companies and startups are harder to find.  LinkedIn Company pages may have more than the company websites; they will definitely have the names of all of the employees who work there and have a LinkedIn profile. 

Bloggers like Xconomy.com,

BioSpace.com, Beaker’s Blog and Biotech SF often review companies and have strong opinions.

Glassdoor.com and Vault.com can offer an inside look at the companies you are interested in, but, as this is dependent on individuals choosing to add information there, it can be pretty spotty. 

What sites do you use?  I’m sure I have not listed all of the good ones!  Tell me!

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  1. […] 3 out of 4 people who land a job check out the company online first […]

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