3 Myths About a Great Biotech Resume

698x462 resume not about you Myth #1: Use only your home address and phone number

The Truth:  Use as many ways to get in touch with you as seems reasonable. 
Use your personal email address (as long as it is not silly: hunkaburninglove@hotmail  is not professional),
 use your LinkedIn profile URL: www.linkedin.com/in/conniehampton (do get an /in/ URL – check in your settings
Use your G+ address
Use your Twitter address
As long as you are being professional on all of them.

Don’t use your business phone or email.  You are looking to leave there.

Myth #2: Write an objective about what you want to do next

The Truth: No one cares.  They are not hiring you because you need a job or want to be a…whatever.  They are hiring you because they have a problem they can’t solve with the people they are already paying.  You only get 6 seconds to impress them enough to put you in the “look at more closely” pile instead of the trash.  What can you do that they need to have done that you want to do?  Craft that into 3-5 bullet points using the keywords they used in the job description (or better yet, the ones the guy who is trying to solve the problem, while still doing his regular job, used in the networking meeting you had with him).  Then prove it by showing what you have done to solve those problems in your previous experience.  Use PAR statements or dragon-slaying stories with as many numbers in them as is reasonable.

Myth #3: It is all about you

The Truth:  Your resume is an advertisement designed to get you the interview (not the job).  It should be all about how you can help them solve their problem and intrigue them enough to want to talk with you about it.

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