Do you make these 3 mistakes in your job search?

mistakes in job search

sitting on the couch, alone, looking for a job

Without a plan it is possible to make way too many mistakes in your job search!

Mistake 1:

Do you work like a dog on creating the “perfect” resume, formatting, spell-checked, every job you have ever had? How many hours do you sweat over it?

What to do instead:

Fill out your LinkedIn Profile completely – add files, docs, slideshows, links where ever reasonable.  Use your industry’s keywords and write in first person.  Be yourself – you want a job that fits you, not that generic person described in a generic resume.  Use parts of this Profile on all of your online properties: G+, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  Be sure that there is a way for people you don’t already know or are not already connected with you can reach you.

Mistake 2:

Mail a generic resume (that you wrote in mistake 1) to every one you can think of.  Or hire a service to write a cover letter and send it (without an email address) on fancy paper to every recruiter they can find.   I call this the “message in a bottle” method.  It won’t get you rescued.

What to do instead:

Target, target, target!  Know what, exactly, you want and can do next.  Know who has that job.  Ignore the job postings that don’t fit.  Don’t spam your relatives or friends with a generic resume. 

Mistake 3:

Spend all your job search time online applying to any job that looks even vaguely appropriate.

What to do instead:

Do review the jobs at the companies you think have your job and see what their keywords are.  If, and only if, you have at least 85% of the requirements, do apply online and send a tailored resume for that particular job.  AND spend most of your job search time networking with the people in that company and in that department.


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