3 Critical Mistakes You Are Making on Your LinkedIn Profile

https://biosciencejobkit.com/store-2/#!/Optimize-Your-LinkedIn-Profile/p/23551473/category=13834068Mistake #1 – Not having a complete LinkedIn Profile

What to Do Instead – Complete it!  Make sure you have a headshot picture, that you are using the Headline area for a headline, not a title, write a summary that shows what you are good at and what you like to do, not just what you have done.  Use the suggestions LinkedIn provides to improve your Profile!

Mistake #2 – Not using the appropriate keywords for your field

What to Do Instead – Use LinkedIn’s Skills and Expertise pages to identify the keywords your peers are using in your field and work them into your summary and experience descriptions

Mistake #3 – Treating Your LinkedIn Profile like your resume

What to Do Instead – LinkedIn is a separate chance to present yourself and your skills to the world.  You can’t target it to one particular company the way you can your resume, but you can show things here that don’t belong on a two-page resume.  Show how well-rounded you are, or how deeply you know your subject, what you are most interested in, what excites you.  And do check out the ways you can add documents, presentations, media, your blog, etc. to your Profile.

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