1st Bioscience Job Search

Is this your 1st bioscience job search?

Your 1st bioscience job search cannot be delivered like pizza and there is no fairy job mother.  But the process of finding the right first job is not as hard as all the wonderful knowledge you have been studying for the last few years.


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There really are only four steps:

  • What words should I use in my profiles and resumes?
    Be visible online using the right keywords and hiring managers and recruiters will find you
  • Who has my job?
    Be known to the right people in the companies you want to work in
  • Coffee, Tea and Networking
    Connect with and stay connected to those people so that they will remember you, like you and trust you.
  • Resumes, Interviews and Then What
    When you do give them a resume, be sure that it addresses the problem they are hiring to solve, not your whole life and aspirations. A resume is an advertisement designed to show how you can solve their problem.  That is what gets you the interview.

 I offer 4 free webinars each month on these four steps and month long classes on each as well.  

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If you need more than these, I offer a variety private coaching packages.

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