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Every age you ever were is still inside of you.

Job search can put you right back to 17 again. When you had basically no skills (or very few) and there really were thousands of people just like you.

But you are no longer 17.  You have paid your dues and have gained skills and had experiences that make you unique.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
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You need to know what these things are.  Getting a job is a sales job – you only have to make one sale, not hundreds.  What are your “features and benefits” for the company you want to work in?  Remember that no company hires if they don’t have a problem.  And they only hire when the people they are already paying can’t solve the problem.  So what is your purchase accutane (isotretinoin) for each company you want to join?  What makes you you?

You have hundreds of skills.  Some you never want to use again.  Some you “own”. Some you know that you are not quite completely confident in. purchase accutane Grade them!  Choose to search for a job that uses your competencies and gives you the opportunity to increase your skills. It is out there!

If you need help with this, where can you purchase accutane and let’s make it happen! $125/30 minutes

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  1. […] even if you have had, it can be difficult to look at your career as a product to be sold.  We all become 17 again – certain that there are a million of us wanting the same job with exactly the same set of […]

  2. Every age you ever were…. | Hampton & Associates – Scientific and Executive Search Consultants says:

    […] Every age you ever were is still inside of you. For Professional Job Seekers job search ← Network Polish Kit for Job Seekers A Place at the Table – HR in the C suite? → […]

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